Win95!   The End User ...

This is fairly straight forward. I should also point out now, that although I believe you won't have to reboot your computer - and it will ask you to do so, you can opt out for now and try next time you logon if it doesn't work. (It normally does - so don't stress.)


  1. Click on START -> SETTINGS -> Control Panel

  2. Open "Network"

  3. If your on a LAN select the TCP/IP linked to your network card.  If your using DIALUP services, select the TCP/IP connected to your DIALUP Adaptor. Either way you can change any or all of the following in either. (Confused?)

    Click twice on the TCP/IP option.

  4. Click on the "DNS Configuration" tab

  5. Click on "Enable DNS" to activate it.

  6. You need a host name.  If you don't know what it is, just enter your first name in the HOST box and your last name in the DOMAIN box. (I know this isn't good, but it works :> )

  7. In the DNS Server Search Order add the following two IP addresses  (Click Add) (Click Add)

  8. Click OK

  9. Back at the "Network" window click OK again.

  10. Windows will think about this for a few seconds than ask you to restart,   say NO  It will adjust the settings internally and work. (I just tried it on my wives PC :> )

  11. That's it.  Your now using AURSC!  Try and view THis will bring yuo back to the AURS home page. 

Now really, that wasn't so bad - was it?

If you can't access you can be pretty sure your ISP isn't doing you any favours. I'd look at this list and see who you can use.


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