Connecting to the AURSC is STILL easy!

For ISPs it's really simple and will help your users get the most out of the Internet. You can even consider this a VALUE ADDED Service.  Something that user probably aren't getting at the ISP next door, who hasn't yet worked out how to configure his DN Server!

Also please use the AURSC Icon on your pages!  We encourage it's use!  You can obtain it the approriate HTML code from the AURSC Member Services Page

First you need to obtain a file for your DNS Server. This file will work for NT and UNIX systems.

There are a number of Root Server choices.


Eurpoean Root Server Confederation

Hamburger with the Lot!

You can cut it from your browser or FTP it from the server.  Your choice.   (Aren't we good!  We give you so many choices!)

Next, once you have saved the file, you need to configure your server to accept the new data.  AURSC Solemnly swears there will be no change to the quality (if not an improvement) to your DNS resolution - no matter where in the world you are!

Click Here for UNIX

Click Her for Windows NT Server


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